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Mortgage Rates Down: Why Americans Don’t Care

The big news in financial circles lately has been that mortgage rates are down. The big concern in financial circles lately has been that, even though mortgage rates are down, home sales are not rising. Analysts seem to be losing their collective minds trying to figure out why the price drop is not resulting in an uptick in sales. The …

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Mortgage Rates Decline; Rises Loom in Future

As the spring season rolls in and the winter doldrums roll out, people are finally exiting their homes and exploring the world once again. Luckily for those recovering from an intense winter hibernation, the economy shows positive signs for the first quarter. Job growth increased by 192,000 for the month of March, and unemployment remained at 6.7 percent. More important …

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Mortgage Rates Fall Significantly, Surveys Show

Mortgage rates fell to one of the most extreme lows this year during the week ending November 21. According to a national weekly survey by Freddie Mac, results concluded that declines in manufacturing growth (industrial products) lowered the rates by 0.1% last month. Freddie Mac chief economist Frank Nothaft spoke about the lowered rates after the results of said survey …

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