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Kerdasa Raid: Pro-Morsi Town Targeted by Military

At 5:30 yesterday morning, Egyptian security forces entered the town of Kerdasa, 14 miles west of Cairo and only 3 miles from the Pyramids of Giza. Since the ousting of president Morsi in July, Kerdasa has become a stronghold for Islamic militants who oppose the coup. This raid comes after another raid that occurred earlier this week in the southern …

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Coptic Priest Murdered In Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

The ongoing unrest in Egypt has apparently spilled over into sectarian violence. A Coptic Christian priest was gunned down yesterday. The priest, Mina Aboud Sharweem, was shot while walking near his church in el-Arish, 214 miles northeast of Cairo. The attack came just days after the Egyptian military staged a coup that removed president Mohammed Morsi. Morsi, a member of …

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Oil Prices Rise By $2, Egyptian Unrest Partially To Blame

Oil prices are volatile as always. The situation in Egypt isn’t making things easier as the violence in the country is causing the price to go up. Reuters reports that oil prices jumped by $2 on Friday – the biggest weekly gain in a year. One of the big reasons for the price increase has been the recent unrest in …

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Egypt Coup: Morsi Removed from Office, US Suspends Aid

So, Egypt’s doing the whole revolution thing again. In a televised address, General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, announced that the Egyptian military has removed President Morsi from office and suspended the nation’s constitution. The Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Adli Mansour, will assume presidential authority until a long-term solution is devised. This move follows four days of anti-Morsi protests. General …

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