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Syria: Latest Global Responses and Developments

After announcing his intentions to intervene militarily in the Syrian crisis, President Barack Obama is working on building support before Congress reconvenes on 9 September and discusses the President’s resolution. In the meantime, other nations and organizations are communicating an array of positions on how the world should respond to the chemical attacks of 21 August. France Confirms Syrian Regime …

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Moroccan Rape Victim Commits Suicide After Marrying Her Attacker

Moroccan news reports say that a 16 year-old girl, Amina Filali, has committed suicide after being forced to marry her attacker by a judge’s ruling. The teenager reportedly swallowed rat poison in protest to the marriage. In Moroccan culture, it has long been a tradition for rape victims to be forced to marry their attackers in order to protect their …

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Facebook Prince Faker Pardoned In Morocco

The young man who created a fake Facebook profile and presented himself as a prince received a present on Aid Mawlid Nabaoui, the holiday marking the birth of the Prophet Mohammed.

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Phony Facebook Profile Lands Man In Jail

A Moroccan computer engineer has been sentenced to prison for three years for creating a phony Facebook profile that impersonated a member of the country’s royal family.

The sentence was handed down on Friday by a court in Casablanca, which found the 26 year old, Fouad Mourtada guilty of  "usurping the identity of of HRH Prince Moulay Rachid." The court also fined Mourtada $1,300.

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Morocco May Be Blocking YouTube

Reports of YouTube’s unavailability in Morocco has raised fears that the government is censoring access to the video sharing site.

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