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Mormon Women Turned Away From All-Men Priesthood Meeting For The Second Time

Women who were seeking to be ordained into the Mormon priesthood sought tickets to the all-male priesthood meeting, but were turned away. According to some women, they were there to get the attention of the leaders of The Church of …

Mormon Women Denied Access To Priesthood Session

Mormon women seeking ecclesiastical equality were denied entrance to the male-only priesthood meeting of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Saturday evening. The women were looking for unfilled seats at the priesthood meeting in the Church’s semi-annual conference. …

Mormons Buying Land: Proud Owners of 2 % of Florida Mormons Buying Land: Proud Owners of 2 % of Florida
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Many environmental and conservationist groups are not sure about the motives behind the Mormons buying land in Florida. The purchase of approximately 2 percent of the land in Florida that encompasses about 400,000 acres is being purchased by The Church …

Mormon Church Rakes in Billions in Tithes
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An analysis of the finances of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormon church, has revealed that the church brings in around $7 billion worth of tithes and donations annually. The analysis, was done …

Would Jesus Game Digg?
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The United States Marines, the Mormon Church, and the Korean Department of Tourism are all paying Australian-based uSocial to game Digg.com for them, according to a blog post at the Los Angeles Times.