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Monster Cable Tosses Lawyers, Settles Suit In Person
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It’s official: There is such a thing as bad publicity. To save damage done to its brand via public outcry, Monster Cable dropped a trademark infringement lawsuit against Monster Mini Golf in a settlement negotiated without lawyers.
Monster Cable Tosses Lawyers, Settles Suit In Person

Monster Cable: We’re Not A Corporate Bully
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The Internet can make or break you PR-wise. After a couple of weeks of Monster Mini Golf taking its tale of corporate bullying to the Web, Monster Cable has suddenly responded, at length. “Head Monster” at Monster Cable Noel Lee says Christina and Patrick Vitagliano are using people’s sympathy to further their own agenda, and that Monster Cable does not like suing people.

Small Biz Takes Monster Case to eBay
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It turns out you can’t sell justice for a dollar on eBay, Christina Vitagliano, proprietor of Monster Mini Golf, told WebProNews, but you can sell discount coupons to raise money for a legal fight against Monster Cable.