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Monster Drinks Investigated For Targeting Children

Monster Beverage Corp. is coming under attack in an investigation by a New York state attorney general and a San Francisco city attorney general. Amidst all the death reports cause by energy drinks, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed that there is no solid evidence that the beverages have caused them. Yet in October, WebMD reported that a Maryland couple filed …

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Energy Drinks May Contain More Caffeine Than You Think

Consumer Reports today published a report on the level of caffeine in popular energy drinks. Their findings suggest that many of the energy drinks Americans consume on a daily basis have wildly varying levels of caffeine, and in some cases have more than anyone might suspect. Consumer Reports purchased 27 popular energy drinks from stores in Connecticut, New York, and …

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Monster Beverage Lawsuit Alleges Energy Drink Caused Girl’s Death

Monster Beverage is famous for its caffine and sugar-filled energy drinks, but it may soon find itself having to defend its beverages in court. In a complaint filed in a California Superior Court, Monster Beverage is being sued over the death of a 14-year-old girl named Anais Fournier. The girl’s family, from Hagerstown, Maryland, alleges that the girl died after …

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