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FBI Drones in Domestic Surveillance

FBI Director Robert Mueller made headlines by admitting that the federal government has used drones to surveil residents of the United States. Mueller acknowledged that pilotless aircraft with surveillance capabilities were used in a “very minimal way” and only on “particularized cases” with “particularized needs.” In the wake of Edward Snowden’s claims about federal telephone surveillance, the capacity of the …

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Friending Your Kids On Facebook Not Good Enough According To Recent Study

The leading online monitoring service for kids’ social networking activities, SocialShield, released some concerning findings today from a consumer study. The study surveyed more than 4,000 parents and reveals that less than 8% are aware of cyberbullying incidents involving their own child. According to George Garrick, SocialShield’s CEO, “Unfortunately, the monitoring techniques that most parents think are good enough to …

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