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Google Custom Search: My search, My results

Wouldn’t it be great to use a search engine that shows results tailored to what you want and what you need?

Google’s Not Stopping Click Arbitrage

Who would have though click arbitrage would be a topic worth of being covered by Forbes?

Media Linking to Wikipedia Articles

Not sure if this is something new or not, but I just saw a CNN Money article which linked at a Wikipedia article about Joe Kraus as background on him.

JBoss CEO: Show Me the Money

Sys-Con is quoting Marc Fleury, JBoss founder & CEO and now SVP & GM of JBoss Division at Red Hat, as having said:

Google Checkout Up 30%

Hitwise reports that downstream traffic to Google Checkout is up 30% in the past four weeks, with the number one store, by far, being Buy.com. Buy delivered 18.3% of Checkout’s traffic, with number 2 Dick’s Sporting Goods way behind at 4.8%. Of course, Google’s major “Free Money” promotion is the biggest thing driving people to use the service, and with it running until the end of December, we’ll have to wait for January numbers to see if there is a big drop-off.

Don’t Waste Your Pay-Per-Click Budget
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Thanks to Jim Berkowitz and his CRM Mastery E-Journal for pointing me to the MarketingProfs article, Five Proven Ways to Waste Money With Pay-per-Click Advertising by John Grant.

BlogBurst Plucks Money For Bloggers

The BlogBurst service from Pluck will pay people who place highly on its leaderboard of active bloggers, but there is a catch that has participants concerned.

Fiscal Visibility in Supply Chain = Money Saved

The globalization of commerce has made sophisticated logistics technology not just a luxurious expense for the Global Fortune 500, but a necessity for companies of all sizes and in all industries.

Stop Throwing Money Away In Your IT Department

Companies continue throwing money at IT projects and accept a pathetic 30% success rate. The IT field is filled with complexity and the fast pace seems overwhelming at times, yet we as professionals should adapt to the changing environment and use available best practices to increase the success rate of IT projects.

Money Keeps Following Politics Online

People have been actively searching the Internet for political information, and ever since Howard Dean amassed a sizable war chest with a grass-roots Net-centric effort the minds behind political parties have continued to seek ways to squeeze more out of the Internet.

For Podcasters, Its Love, Not Money

At the close of the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, the feeling is that you are among an elite group of Web 2.0 trailblazers. True, they’re all running businesses and promoting their brands, but they still carry with them the now traditional mantra “content is king” like a Coat of Arms.

In Log-Based Analytics, Money Does Talk In Log-Based Analytics, Money Does Talk

Open source log-based web analytics software makes it easier to make sense of web server logs, but proprietary log-based web analytics software typically takes analytics to another level.

Verizon Replaces Fed Fee With House Money

Now that the Universal Service Fund has drawn to a close, Verizon Communications will impose a fee on new and existing digital subscriber line (DSL) customers.

Akimbo Takes Money From Cisco, AT&T

The Akimbo video-on-demand service wrapped up a new round of $15.5 million in investment capital as Cisco and AT&T both signed on along with several venture capital firms to bolster the company.

Forbes on Mashups
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What do Rachel Rosmarin and myself have in common? Well, she writes for industry-leading Forbes Magazine and I write/manage GISuser… big deal eh? [just kiddin around!]

Follow The Net Neutrality Money Trail

Today, the House of Representatives will be debating and voting on proposed Net Neutrality amendments to the Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement Act of 2006, a bill that will grant sweeping powers to telecommunications and cable companies to set up a tollbooth Internet.

Google Trendspotting: The World Is Funny

In recent news, the Emerald Isle has led the world in searches for [lonely], according to Google Trends. Before you start sniffling, you should know Dubliners are far from alone. They are joined from the Far East and America, depending on which form of the word you use.

Money Talks: Nokia and Visa Team Up

Visa and Nokia have buddied up in Malaysia to launch “the world’s first” credit card payment system that allows consumers to purchase goods using their mobile phones.

Microsoft Talks Money In NYC

The Financial Services Developer Conference in New York will promote the .Net Framework as the place to develop next generation financial applications.

Where’s Googles Money Going?

Google’s doing something very interesting with all the money they’re making: they’re spending it. CEO Eric Schmidt promised us in January that 2006 would be a huge year for innovation, as the company geared up to launch a lineup of new products in the second and third quarter.

Expect the Unexpected the Next Time You Buy

More evidence of changes in traditional marketing that will change consumer behaviours.