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Randy Orton: Does He Have A Serious Injury?

Rumors are spreading that Randy Orton was injured during Monday’s WWE Raw Event in Kansas City. The back injury allegedly occurred when Dean Ambrose jumped off the announce table onto the heels. After the incident, a fan reported that Orton went over to a trainer and said, “The ruptured disc in my back is f*cked.” Orton appeared to have trouble …

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Ric Flair: What Is His Future Role With The WWE?

Ric Flair made another return to the ring. The 65-year-old, semi-retired WWE All-Star showed up on Monday Night Raw. What his role is moving forward remains to be seen, and why exactly he was at the event is still a bit of a mystery. Geno Mrosko, a writer for Cageside Seats argues that, “Creatively, he (Flair) had no reason to …

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Jerry Lawler Has Heart Attack At Monday Night Raw

Jerry Lawler, known as “The King” during his wrestling heyday in the 1970’s, collapsed last night during a bout in Montreal. WWE officials say he suffered a heart attack at ringside as he was commentating the match for Monday Night Raw and had to be given CPR. WWE’s website gave an explanation as to what had happened right away: During …

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