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Ridgecrest Shooting Suspect Knew Victims

Sergio Munoz, 39, the Ridgecrest shooting suspect who led police on a car chase through the Mojave desert, reportedly warned police that he wanted to “wreak havok” before the shootings even took place. According to AP, the incident began when Ridgecrest police were called to a murder scene shortly after 5 am on Friday. A woman was found dead and …

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Police Chase Gunman Across Mojave Desert

While authorities were investigating a fatal shooting in Ridgecrest, California, they received a call from Sergio Alberto Munoz, the killer. Munoz told police that he’d wanted to deliver a “package” to them, and also murder them, but also that he didn’t want to be outgunned at the police station, and would instead “wreak havoc” elsewhere. The call ignited an hour-long …

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