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Bing Maps V7 API Adds Two More Data Modules, Updates Others Bing Maps V7 API Adds Two More Data Modules, Updates Others

Bing Maps announced today that it’s added two new modules for the Bing Maps V7 API as well as some updates to a couple of existing modules. Till now, there were 15 different modules available for the Bing Maps V7 …

Yahoo Alpha Goes Beta
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This isn’t a typo: Yahoo!7 is running the search Alpha beta Down Under, offering a customizable start page people can equip with content modules from Yahoo’s properties and others.

More choice with WordPress widgets

Some interesting moves going on with the free WordPress.com hosted blog service in the area of ease of use in design and layout that adds to its attraction as an alternative to TypePad, the hosted service you pay for.

Excellent hack for K2 WordPress theme

One of the things I continue to find a bit tricky with WordPress and the customized K2 theme I have on this blog is tweaking the sidebar to include or exclude elements on certain pages.

Creating Perl Modules for Web Sites

When you are writing your own code, you are more apt to use someone else’s module than write your own, unless your project gets fairly large and complex.

Great Plains Sales Order Processing and Invoicing Modules Tips for consultant

Microsoft Great Plains – main Microsoft Business Solutions application for US and Latin American (except Brazil, where MBS promotes Navision) markets is built with multiple modules. In the case of Sales automation you – software selection specialist should consider two Microsoft Great Plains modules: Sales Order Processing (SOP) and Invoicing. You should understand the difference between the two and see which one is the best fit for your company. Let’s consider two modules SOP and Invoicing. We’ll give you non formal view, based on our consulting practice.

Writing Pluggable ColdFusion Modules

When you have to bugfix, extend or review a ColdFusion application, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself browsing a directory tree representing the navigation on the site. Within these directories, typically some 40 or 50 files with names like list.cfm, insertform.cfm, insertaction.cfm, etc. reside.

Ten Ways to Make the Most of IIS

As an IIS administrator it sometimes gets downright annoying having to fend off all the insults from Apache admins I meet claming innate server superiority. Generally the discussion about Web administration starts first with all the various security holes plaguing IIS and the negative press the platform garnered over the last year.

Apache Shared Modules in Delphi

Back in Issue 69 (May, 2001) of The Delphi Magazine in Apache Shared Modules, I looked at the Apache Web server running on Linux and how Kylix could be used to write CGI applications and also Apache shared modules or DSOs (the main thrust of the article). That was shortly after Kylix had been released, and discussed how to overcome a variety of problems, including the fact that the standard Apache binary distribution is not suitable for using shared modules.