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Look! Another Angry Birds USB Slingshot Controller

Back in May, Rovio announced that downloads for the Angry Birds series had topped 1 billion. Simply put, that’s a hell of a lot of Angry Birds, Rio, Seasons, and the new Angry Birds Space being played. So it’s clear that people still have an interest in birds as projectiles. And if you’re someone who still loves a little pig …

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Adding A Start Button In Windows 8?

The lack of a Start button on the consumer preview of Windows 8 left some surprised, perhaps even shocked… Maybe confused is a better descriptor. Now, thanks to a desktop app created by Stardock, you can now resurrect your Start button on the W8 beta. Called “Start8,” the app/modification does just what it the name indicates: brings the Start button …

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This Angry Birds USB Slingshot Is The Best Thing Since The Duck Hunt Gun

Are you still in love with Angry Birds, but sick of that repetitive finger sliding motion necessary to launch the little guys? In what appears to be the most intriguing game-appropriate controller since the big orange gun in Duck Hunt, “rapid prototyping for microcontroller” company mbed has developed a big wooden slingshot with which to destroy those smug pigs. Here’s …

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