More Than Half Of Holidays Shoppers Relied On Cell Phones

More Than Half Of Holidays Shoppers Relied On Cell Phones

By Mike Sachoff January 11, 2010

More than half (51%) of holiday shoppers across 11 countries used their mobile phones for in-store activities such as comparison shopping, getting peer feedback, product information and coupons, according to a new study by Motorola.

Wireless Customers Keeping Their Mobiles Longer

People are keeping their cell phones longer. The average amount of time a person owns a cell phone has increased by 5 percent since fall of 2006, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2007 U.S. Wireless Mobile Phone Evaluation Study.

The study found that people are keeping their mobile handsets for an average of 17.5 months, which is an increase from 16.6 since November of 2006. The increase in ownership is about equal among major hand set brands.

Google Maps For Mobiles Finds Way Into UK

When Google invited a group of British tech reporters to a briefing, those journalists got pretty excited.  The event involved “a product for mobiles,” you see, and the reporters were hoping to find out about the Google phone.  They didn’t.  But Google did release a full, UK-specific version of Google Mobile Maps, which is kinda nifty, too.

Google Maps For Mobiles Finds Way Into UK
Google Maps For Mobiles Finds Way Into UK
Google Maps For Mobiles Finds Way Into UK

LG Offers Mobiles With Google Services

LG Electronics and Google have entered into an agreement that will allow Google software to be installed on LG mobile phones, giving users access to Google’s services on their mobile handsets.

Music On Mobiles Popular With All Ages

A survey from online wireless retailer LetsTalk found that over 83 percent of music phone purchasers are over the age of 25, and that 55 percent of those 35 and older listen to music on their cell phones.

The music option on cell phones has gained in popularity with users of all ages with 63 percent of multimedia cell phone users having listened to music on their phones. More than 50 percent have downloaded 20 or more songs, and 89 percent have downloaded four songs or more to their phones.

Google Tasting Orange For Mobiles

Phones from Google in partnership with wireless provider Orange may hit the United Kingdom starting in 2008, with the devices optimized to deliver geo-targeted Google ads from local businesses.

Joopz Puts your PC in Touch with Mobiles

A mobile tip — Joopz “web texting” service enables free two-way text messaging.

Google Dials AdWords Onto Mobiles

The Japanese testing of AdWords on mobiles proved successful enough that Google has quietly debuted the service in the US. Do a mobile search using Google and something completely unexpected may appear.

Sprint Brings Healthcare Info To Mobiles

A partnership with Global Care Quest lets Sprint deliver real-time medical information securely to intensive-care physicians via their mobile device.

Kapow! Sony Illustrates Comic Appeal On Mobiles

Japanese customers will have a greater choice of manga on cell phones available from Sony; and why that might matter to site publishers.

MSN Local Search Available For Mobiles

The MSN Search blog has divulged a beta test for a mobile version of its local search function.

Holy Podcasters

Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba – of the Church of the Customer blog and two of my favorite people – have started a podcast.

New Viruses Target Wireless Communication

In what is being termed as a “potential epidemic,” virus writers are planning on targeting attacks at mobile communication devices.

Mobiles Continue To Gain Handheld Market Share

Handheld telephones are seemingly becoming a thing of the past. For the fourth successive quarter, handheld systems continued their year-over-year decline.

Overture Introduces Ads For UK Mobiles

Soon, mobile phones in the UK will be displaying advertiser sponsored search engine-style links. Overture, a Yahoo owned company that sells text link ads, announced a deal with two major mobile phone companies, Vodafone and France Telecom-owned Orange, to bring these ads to mobile phone users.