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Isis Mobile Wallet App is Available – For a Few

Isis, the mobile wallet technology that AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile have sunk millions of dollars into over the past year was delayed past its originally planned launch. This week, the service has finally launched – sort of. According to a Mobileburn report, the service is only available to a very specific few mobile subscribers. First, the app is only available …

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PayPal and Coinstar: A Stellar Payment Relationship

Dan Schatt, Head of Financial Innovations at PayPal wants to let consumers know they are “thinking outside the phone”. It sounds kind of corny, but what he’s actually referring to is payment innovations beyond just what benefits smartphone users. Come on folks, only half of mobile subscribers even have a smartphone so it makes sense not to box yourself into …

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First Look at Isis Mobile Wallet

We are getting our first glimpse of Isis, the mobile wallet app that will be available to more than 100 million United State Credit Card holders this summer. The new app will compete with Google Wallet and Opera, offering a secure and convenient way to pay with your credit card on your mobile phone. The UI looks simple enough, with …

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