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Biometric Security is Coming to the Mobile Workplace

With the workplace becoming more mobile and bring-you-own-device programs beginning to become popular, more businesses than ever now need potent mobile security. While the mobile security software industry will certainly become a major segment of the business-to-business tech market in the coming years, mobile hardware security will also become a billion-dollar market by the end of 2014. This new market …

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Mobile Malware to Lead Security Concerns in 2014

As the tech industry has shifted to become more mobile in recent years, cybercrime has also quickly adjusted to the times. McAfee Labs is now predicting that mobile exploits will be where the most growth of the security industry will be focused in 2014. McAfee is predicting that mobile malware in particular will drive growth for the security industry next …

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Mobile Encryption Market to Hit $230 Million This Year

The rush of the quickly growing mobile device industry has made it easier than ever for people to share their lives in real-time. Unfortunately, this has led to privacy and security concerns that have not yet been fully resolved. As businesses prepare to follow the industry with smartphone and tablet enterprise integration, market watchers now predict that the mobile security …

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Mobile Security Industry to Grow Fast, Soon

As more of society’s computing tasks move to mobile platforms, businesses now face new security challenges. As the security industry steps up to meet these challenges, the market for mobile security will be a growth segment for years to come. Analyst firm ABI Research this week made its predictions for the growth of mobile security management over the next two …

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SonicWall Locks Up Your Mobile Workforce

SonicWall, Inc. has released Mobile Connect Client app for Google Android tablets and smartphones. It provides top-notch network-level access to academic, corporate, and government resources over encrypted SSL VPN connections. Once it is installed on your device, users gain access to a variety of SonicWall products. The purpose for these products is simple. While mobile devices may allow organization’s employees …

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Smartphones Change the Threat Level Significantly

Mobile devices these days are often smaller, thinner, and lighter, but are able to deliver a plethora of content. WebProNews spoke with Gal Salomon, CEO and Founder of security firm Discretix, about embedded security and security concerns that come along with an industry of smarter phones.

WebProNews: Please tell us a little bit about what mobile embedded security is.

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