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PubCon: Succeeding At Local And Mobile Search

For the moment, never mind the "world wide" aspect of the Web.  A whole lot of any business’s customers are likely to come from its home region, and so a PubCon session called "Local and Mobile" search took a look at ways in which companies can best serve these nearby individuals.

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Microsoft Trying To Split Google, Verizon

Late last week, Steve Ballmer mocked Android and Google’s position in the mobile market.  The insults seemed genuine.  But even if Microsoft really doesn’t see Google as a threat, it’s taking no chances, as new reports have the Redmond-based company trying to grab a deal with Verizon Wireless.

Kelsey Group Sees Increases In Mobile Search Activity

A substantial mobile search market has long been incorrectly heralded as something that’s right around the corner.  But according to The Kelsey Group, significant progress has been made in the past year, and given another 24 months, the market may finally be ready to materialize in full.

Google Caters to Lazy Texters
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Google has added the "My Location" feature to its mobile search, which previously had only been available on Google Maps for Mobile. My Location recognizes your location (go figure) and gives you relevant search results based on where you are.

Instead of having to enter your geographical information, you can just automatically receive geographically relevant results. This will be a lot easier than texting out more information. Google displays the concept in this silly video:

Google, Microsoft Looking At BlackBerry Search

The nickname "CrackBerry" seems more appropriate than ever today as not one, but two major companies have turned their attention to the device.  Google Mobile App for BlackBerry comes from one corner, while a search deal is reportedly in the works between Microsoft and RIM.

Google Takes Another Step Toward Mobile Domination
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Verizon WirelessIt looks like mobile search is about to be taken seriously. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Verizon Wireless has tapped Google, and the two are close to reaching a deal that would see Google’s mobile search come pre-installed on Verizon handsets.

Google Wins Mobile Search Award

Google’s great at mobile search, according to Juniper Research.  The UK-based telecoms analyst firm declared Google the top winner within that category of its Future Mobile Awards.

Nielsen: Google Leads In Mobile Search
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Google’s dominance in desktop search is transferring nicely to cell phones, according to new statistics from Nielsen Mobile.  In fact, an almost complete sameness has been achieved.

Mobile Search Advertising To Reach $1.4 Billion

Revenues related to mobile search, including ad-sponsored directory assistance and mobile Internet ads are estimated to reach $1.4 billion in 2012, according to the Kelsey Group.

"Advertisers in the U.S. are the most aggressive in terms of messaging to potential U.S. consumers," said Matt Booth, senior vice president and program director, Interactive Local Media, The Kelsey Group.

Yahoo Partners With America Movil

Yahoo has partnered with America Movil, Latin America’s major mobile company and will provide mobile Web services to 16 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Under the agreement Yahoo’s oneSearch will be the default mobile search service on America Movil’s wireless carrier’s portals. Yahoo will create localized versions of oneSearch for each region. In the coming months the two companies will add more Yahoo products and services to mobile devices.

CBS Mobile Partners With Medio

CBS Mobile has partnered with Medio Systems to add search capabilities and search advertising to its CBS Mobile Web sites.

Veveo Opens vTap, Prepares For Flood Of Users
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Well, that was fast.  Just two weeks after raising $14 million in a round of financing, Veveo has released vTap, its mobile video search service.  The phrase “hotly anticipated” isn’t quite right, but people were indeed looking forward to the launch.

Veveo Obtains $14 Million For Mobile Search

Google, Yahoo, even AOL – everybody’s trying to get into the mobile market, and compared to those giants, a little company called Veveo might not appear to have much of a chance.  Veveo’s got around $28 million to use as a stepping stone, however.

Mobile Search Results Mixed

Close to eight in 10 U.S. mobile searchers favor ad-supported mobile search, according to Usable Product’s "Mobile Search User Experience Benchmark" study, whose respondents rated four mobile search solutions.

Call Genie Launches Mobile Search Tool

Call Genie, a provider of localized mobile search tools to carriers announced the availability of its newest release of its Enhanced Voice Directory tool.

AOL Seeks Redemption Through Mobile Search

Make way – AOL’s getting into mobile search.  And unlike many of the company’s older products, the logically named AOL Mobile Search service has been getting some positive (initial) reviews.

The U.S. Mobile Search Market

Competition for the U.S. mobile search market will be anything but tame, due in part to the large U.S. online ad market and the influence of portals.

Clusty Mobile Is Made Available

I’m always suspicious when a company claims to have made its product or service available for mobiles.  Is the new version different than the regular offering?  And is it something I’d even want to access from my cell phone?  In regards to Clusty Mobile, a search site, the answer to that first question is “yes.”

Interview with Barry Schwartz

Our next mobile search interview is with Barry Schwartz better known as Rusty Brick. One of the industry voices for Search, barry has put together one of the leading forums called Search Engine Roundtable. Thank you barry for the interview.

Mobile Internet Users Connect To Search

Only 30 percent of U.S. mobile users rely on their phones for Internet access, but those that do, half do so several times a week, according to iCrossing’s "How America Searches: Mobile" report.

Mobile Search: Speaking Truth to Profits
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Millions of handsets rest in pockets and purses around the world, and they represent little foldable parts of a multi-billion dollar pie for the search engine market.