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Mobile Payments to Hit $500 Billion This Year

As smartphones and tablets have quickly rose to prominence in the tech industry, retailers have readjusted their business models to take advantage of the mobile shopping opportunities the devices provide to consumers. Now revenues from mobile payments are rising to levels unimaginable just half a decade ago. Market research firm Juniper Research this week released a new report predicting that …

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Google Wallet Ditching Prepaid Card Option

For a while now, Google has been bribing people into installing Google Wallet on their smartphones, giving out a free $10 to some who activate the app. Now, it seems customers might want to go ahead and spend that money quickly. Google announced today that it will be ending the Google Prepaid Card within the Google Wallet app. The company …

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GoPago Treats San Francisco to Innovative Mobile Payment Service

There’s no doubt the future of payments exists in our mobile devices and GoPago is another great example of how mobile technology is bringing innovation to the marketplace. San Francisco businesses and customers alike are being treated to something new and different that adds value for everyone involved. Have you ever dreamed of a dining out experience where everything is …

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