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Pandora Local Radio Ads and Larger Audience Pandora Local Radio Ads and Larger Audience

Those of you who are familiar with Pandora, the interactive radio service, will not be surprised to read that they are growing in popularity. Naturally, as listenership increases so does advertising and the effectiveness of those ads. Today Pandora confirmed …

Europeans Embrace Mobile Music More Than Americans

Nearly a quarter (23.8%) of mobile users across the five largest European mobile markets (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) listened to music on their mobile handsets during the first quarter of this year, according to a new report from comScore.

The 54 million total music users in the EU5 countries represent a 10 percent increase in the past year.

Nokia To Launch Music Service In The UK

Nokia said today that it is launching a new mobile phone music service in the UK, called Comes With Music.

Microsoft Looks To Improve Windows Mobile Music
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Microsoft plans to concentrate on improving music in its next version of  Windows Mobile software for mobile phones.

The company’s mobile communications division provides operating systems for mobile devices based on the Windows Mobile platform. Microsoft’s partners include Samsung Electronics, Motorola, High Tech Computer and Asustek Computer.

Mobile Music Revenue To Reach $11 Billion
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Spending on mobile music is on track to hit $11 billion and account for 30 percent of worldwide-recorded music revenue by 2011, projects Understanding & Solutions.

Mobile music currently accounts for 13 percent of global recorded music revenue. "Alongside online, mobile music is essential to the future of the music industry," says Understanding & Solutions Consultant, David Sidebottom.

AT&T Partners With eMusic

AT&T has announced a deal with eMusic, in which mobile subscribers will be able to download music to their mobile phones.

Tuning Into Mobile Music

U.S. consumers continue to buy mobile phones that can play music, but only a small number use the feature according to a report from JupiterResearch called "Mobile Music: Target Impulse Purchases and Purchasers for Over-The-Air Downloads."

Music On Mobiles Popular With All Ages

A survey from online wireless retailer LetsTalk found that over 83 percent of music phone purchasers are over the age of 25, and that 55 percent of those 35 and older listen to music on their cell phones.

The music option on cell phones has gained in popularity with users of all ages with 63 percent of multimedia cell phone users having listened to music on their phones. More than 50 percent have downloaded 20 or more songs, and 89 percent have downloaded four songs or more to their phones.