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What Google Now Can Teach You About Reaching Your Customers

At Google I/O last month, Google revealed what could be the beginning of the future of how you use Google . Google Now was revealed as one of several prongs in a shift in mobile search strategy that Google has started with its latest version of its Android operating system – Jellybean. One of the most interesting things about it …

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Google Teams Up With ClickZ To Learn About The State Of Mobile Marketing

Google has partnered up with ClickZ on a mobile marketing and apps survey. Google says it hopes to “provide a reference point for the state of mobile marketing in 2012.” They say it just takes three mintes to complete, and they’re giving away two pairs of free passes to the Search Engine Strategies conference and a free iPad. If you …

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Smartphone Shopping Relative to Type of Store

Consumers are using mobile devices more and more to help command the points of purchase while shopping online or in-store. During the most recent holiday shopping season, 41% of consumers made purchases directly on their smartphones, 46% noted that they picked out their item on their smartphone, and completed the purchase in-store, and 37% said they researched their item on …

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Mobile Emails are Becoming the New Standard

From March 2001 to March 2012, the number of people who use their mobile devices to view their email has grown over 82%. So far iOS devices dominate this trend at 85%, but as we know, Android devices are growing in popularity everyday. Return Path has come out with a new study that suggests that almost half of marketeers don’t …

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Google & DudaMobile: Powerful Mobile Ads

Google is investing heavily based on the fact that half of all Americans are now using smartphones. They claim that if you’re not advertising on a mobile platform, than you are losing up to 40% of your business to competitors who are. They want to help you with this. They recently partnered with DudaMobile, an inventor of mobile advertising solutions, …

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Bee Media Acquires Adcentricity; Goes Hyper-Local

Bee Media Inc., a mobile shopping platform, has acquired Adcentricity Inc., a location-based digital media company. Together the two are offering a couple new products which should make it easier for advertisers to reach consumers locally and offer deals in their neighborhood. Take a look at what the duo is offering: * ADMobile: A platform for location-based mobile shopping, including …

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Mobile Now a Core Component of Google AdSense

Google AdSense for mobile was put in place while people were still using flip phones, in order to allow companies to monetize their mobile content. With the advent of smartphone popularity, Google has just made it easier for vendors to use AdSense mobile, by migrating all mobile ad unit sizes, as well as the mobile banner ad unit, into the …

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