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Baidu Chases Google In Mobile Market

Google’s determined not to lose in China, and to that end, the company is beginning to focus much of its energy on the mobile market.  Unfortunately (for Google), so is Baidu.

Texting Is Way To China’s Heart

Google China’s Kai-Fu Lee hinted at this on Monday, and a new article would appear to confirm the fact: if Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft want to succeed in China, they’ll need to master the mobile market. 

Google Takes Aim At China’s Mobile Market

We’ve discussed cultural differences, censorship, and the lack of a home field advantage – these have all posed challenges to Google in China.  It’s now becoming clear that Google will also need to overcome its unfamiliarity with the mobile market to succeed in this country.

MapQuest For Mobile Web Gets Updates

Despite Google’s dominance in many fields, it trails far behind MapQuest when it comes to that AOL-owned site’s specialty.  Now, upgrades to a mobile version of MapQuest may ensure that Google won’t get any closer.

Trutap To Enter Mobile Networking Market

I remain wary of itty-bitty screens, but another social network designed for the mobile market is reportedly ready to emerge.  This one’s name is Trutap.

YouTube Phone To Arrive In Europe

LG’s recent Google phone (the KU580) received a small amount of buzz – perhaps proportional to the area in which it was launched.  Now there’s word that a YouTube phone is on the way, yet it may be a while before the device reaches American shores.

Google Calendar Goes Mobile

Eric Schmidt recently said that he wants Google to be able to answer the question, “What shall I do tomorrow?”  That was creepy, yet the company’s latest product should be able to provide a response without bothering the foil-hat types.  Behold: a calendar application for mobile devices.

Yahoo oneSearch Shows Up In India

Seven countries in one day – whew, Yahoo oneSearch must be tired.  All right, that was a little silly, but the service has been through a lot of launches in recent days, and it’s now freshly available in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Mobile Market Stymies Google?

Yahoo and Microsoft have both made advancements in the “mobile” market recently, but Google was nowhere to be seen. This has left some observers feeling a little baffled, and one even asked, “Is Google flubbing mobile search?”