YouTube Mobile Tuned For New Audiences

YouTube Mobile Tuned For New Audiences

By Doug Caverly March 20, 2009

"Leave no stone unturned" seems to have been added to Google’s list of unofficial mottos.  The search giant is now going after a very well-defined (and rather small) portion of people in a certain market with a new version of its mobile YouTube application.

Motorola Putting Its Faith In Android
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Reports indicate that Motorola may be preparing to lay off thousands of employees, and this doesn’t bode well for all sorts of projects and divisions.  However, it seems that Google’s Android is being regarded as a potential company-saver, since it should both survive the cuts and become a central focus.

Android Developer Challenge Concludes

The Android Developer Challenge has ended, and there’s no doubt that it worked out well for developers – ten teams each received $275,000 awards and another ten got $100,000 apiece.  Things seem to be headed in the right direction for Android users, too.

Google Wins Mobile Search Award

Google’s great at mobile search, according to Juniper Research.  The UK-based telecoms analyst firm declared Google the top winner within that category of its Future Mobile Awards.

Ads Hit YouTube’s Mobile Site
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"Don’t panic" seems to be the underlying message Google sent to users of YouTube’s mobile site.  Just the same, the main point Google communicated earlier today is that an experiment involving ads is underway.

Schmidt: Mobile Ad Revenue To Outdo Traditional Types
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About once a month, Google comes up with some neat new feature for mobile phones.  It’s never much compared to certain search and mapping innovations, and the things tend to receive little notice from any mainstream audience.  But Eric Schmidt is still betting on mobile in a big way.

AOL’s Platform-A Announces New Mobile Ad Tool

Whatever critics may say about AOL as a whole, Platform-A appears to be on top of its game.  The advertising unit has taken another step into the mobile market with the launch of a third-party advertising solution.

Mobile Web Ads May Be At Critical Mass

A handful of companies may keep a closer eye on cell phone-related news, but once the issue of objectivity is taken into consideration, Nielsen Mobile makes a pretty good judge.  And Nielsen Mobile indicates that mobile advertising has reached an important tipping point.

Google Maps For Mobile Gains Voice Search
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Carefully weigh how much you dislike typing on cell phones against how much you want to keep private whatever you’re researching.  Then, if you dare, check out the new voice search abilities connected to Google Maps for mobile.

Google Mobile Makes Setup Easier
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Cellphones can be far too complicated.  They fit in your palm and weigh two ounces, yet the instruction manuals resemble short novels.  So, with a sort of monkeys-can-do-it simplicity, a new site aims to show users the all-around wonderfulness of Google Mobile.

Yahoo Enters Mobile Coupon Partnership
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It’s a crazy and increasingly inexpensive world out there, and Yahoo seems to have coupons on the brain.  Yesterday, these money-savers were the subject of a Yahoo Buzz Log post; today, it turns out Yahoo has sealed a new deal with Coupons, Inc.

Android Finding New Fan In AT&T
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When Android was first announced, AT&T didn’t have very nice things to say about it.  The company’s tone has become much more positive, however – even to the point that AT&T seems ready to work with the mobile platform.

Yahoo oneSearch 2.0 Presented
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For a short while, Yahoo oneSearch spread like wildfire.  Then it crossed several oceans, making the old cliche inapplicable.  It looks like Yahoo oneSearch 2.0 will follow a similar growth pattern in the near future.

Google Celebrates “Watershed Moment” For Mobile Web

We’re at an edge and about to go over it, according to Google.  Only, at least for people who intend to profit off the mobile market, this is a good transition; the mobile Internet is becoming increasingly popular.

Short-Form Videos Linked To Movie Revenue

If less than ten percent of the world’s population demonstrates an interest in something, "something" may suck.  Or it might just not have caught on yet, and a new white paper expresses this opinion of short-form video clips for mobile devices.

Report: Mobile Advertising Still Not Common

For people who want the mobile advertising market to grow, here’s the best news we can give: it isn’t shrinking.  Otherwise, a new study indicates that uptake of the technology is uneven and quite slow.Report: Mobile Advertising Still Not Common

Mobile Advertising Not Exactly Taking Off

We’ve reached the point at which the average person is sure to own a cell phone.  He or she still isn’t too likely to surf the Web with it, however, and he or she is almost definitely opposed to mobile advertising.  All of which points to the conclusion that mobile ads won’t take off in the way proponents have predicted.