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Mobile Content Sales Likely $67 Billion in 2012 Mobile Content Sales Likely $67 Billion in 2012
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It was recently reported that Apple’s iPhone is now the top seller for Verizon, along with AT&T, and will likely be the same regarding Sprint in time. The huge popularity of smart devices is indicative of the marketing viability of …

Yahoo Unveils Mobile Developer Platform

OK, forget what we said about 2007 being the year for mobile content. 2008 is where the mobile action is at!

Hot on the heels of Google’s Android initiative, Yahoo is announcing its own developer platform. The Yahoo! Mobile Developer Platform will provide tools for developers to code and launch mobile widgets for a wide range of cell phones. Here are the details from Yahoo:

Nokia: Content Fuels Mobile Growth

Cell phone maker Nokia says that content for the mobile Internet is an important factor in attracting more mobile phone users.

Social Networking And Mobile Content

Social networking services will control a developing market for mobile user-generated content, according to a new report from Juniper Research, "Mobile User-Generated Content: Social Networking, Dating and Personal Content Delivery."