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Gadget Lifecycles Now Average Just Three Months

As mobile devices become more a part of everyday human life, the manufacturing costs for those products have dropped significantly. The prices for mobile devices have followed accordingly, and market watchers now predict that the low-cost smartphone and tablet markets will be the drivers of industry growth in the coming years. At the same time, service providers are also encouraging …

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Are Toshiba’s New Device Commercials Unnecessarily Sexist?

Sex sells. If you’ve been around any commercials that are shown during sporting events, this is readily apparent. Whether it’s Budweiser girls in swim wear or Miller Lite girls wrestling it out to see what catchphrase best applies to the beer, the use of titillation in mass advertising is nothing new. However, when these advertising methods leave the world of …

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Mobile Devices Keep IT Departments Racing

As mobile devices and applications extend the boundaries of the workplace, information technology (IT) departments must create new policies and procedures to keep the mobile enterprise accessible, available and secure, according to research released today by IT industry association CompTIA. While PCs continue to be a major part of the corporate IT landscape, CompTIA’s Trends in Enterprise Mobility study reveals …

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