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Peer Reviews Trump Advertising [Infographic]

It started out with larger purchases, I would go online and check to see what other people had to say. If the reviews were mixed, I would give it a try, but if they were overwhelmingly bad, it was off my list. Consumer reviews have become a staple of internet window shopping for almost everyone, especially if you want to …

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AOL’s AdTech Launches New Mobile SDK

Advertising.com’s AdTech (owned by AOL) has launched a new mobile software developer kit, which the company says is the first of its kind to comply with the IAB’s rich media standard MRAID 2.0. MRAID, which stands for Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions is an IAB project tasked with defining a common API for mobile rich media ads that will …

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Americans are More Likely to Use Tablets for Making Purchases

New research from Nielsen has found that smartphone and tablet owners from the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany are more apt to make online purchases on their PCs after viewing ads on their mobile devices than Americans. Italians were the most likely to click on an ad showcased on their devices to research a product further while Americans were found …

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AdWords Mobile Advertisers Get WiFi, OS Version Targeting

Google announced a couple of new targeting options for mobile advertisers today: WiFi targeting, and targeting by mobile operating system version. “To reach users when you know they’ll have a high speed connection, you’ll now be able to target your campaigns to mobile users specifically on a WiFi connection,” says Google Mobile Ads product manager Morgan Hallmon. “If you’re currently …

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