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Funny Photos from Mix06

Albert Lai, yesterday, released a bunch of new features for his Bubbleshare photo service.

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Google bullish on Atom, Microsoft bullish on RSS?

Richard MacManus noticed that a Google employee at Mix06 was “very bullish” on Atom while Microosft seemed to be bullish on RSS.

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MIX06 Thoughts

As previously noted, I’m at Microsoft’s MIX06 conference right now. Sadly, I can only be here for the day due to scheduling problems.

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Living Virtually

I messed up the other day when I linked to SuperTour (I linked to the wrong page, this is the right link).

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Microsoft: too business oriented to get Web 2.0?

Kaliya, Identity Woman, says that to Microsoft we are just customers. “It seems to me that their language regarding those of us who use their stuff – customers. Individuals who buy stuff most notably not creators.”

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Shannon Clark of the meshforum conference just wrote me and reminded me about

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Conferences, VCing, Hot Topics This Morning

I start up Memeorandum/Tech and see that VC’ing is causing a lot of conversations to start, so is Jeff Jarvis’ comments about the inadequacies of the conference model

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Mix06 Ads Everywhere

They are in Wired magazine in Pittsburgh.

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Climbing the RSS Summit

Another RSS conference has sprung up and I’m speaking at it: The RSS Summit at Hyatt Regency Cambridge in Cambridge, MA.

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