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SIS – Managing a Global SEM Campaign

Managing a global search marketing campaign offers fresh opportunities and challenges for marketers pursuing customers in a worldwide market. How can marketers maintain effective and cohesive brand strategies while efficiently reaching targeted customers at different international local levels?

Moderator: Matt Kain, SVP, Business Development, 24/7 Real Media

MIVA Skates InLine With Ad Solution

The newly launched MIVA Monetization Center offers a self-service method of enabling web publishers to add content and search ads to their sites; the product also offers pay per click InLine ads connected to specific keywords in a page’s text.

MIVA Launches New Ad Solutions

Publishers and bloggers, looking to monetize their site, have a new option to consider with today’s launch of MIVA MC. Any publisher in the U.S. or U.K. can apply for a MIVA MC account, and if accepted into the program, can display a wide array of ads on their site, including:

Miva Dumping Yahoo Partnership

Recently Miva announced that they were dumping a partnership with Yahoo! in favor of distributing Google ads.

Miva Serves Up In-line Text Ads

Ad network Miva is adding a new pay-per-click ad – in-line text links that show pop-up ad whenever a user mouses over them.

Advertiser Resources – Going Beyond Google

When we think about using paid search to market our products or services, our predominant focus is often the two major players – Google and Yahoo! (in that order).

Businesses Take Stock Of Google Local Ads

The latest play for the local search market officially debuted from Google as the search advertising company discussed the launch of the new AdWords feature.

Miva Still Looking for a Buyer?

Back in November we reported that Miva may be looking for a buyer. ClickZ today uncovers further evidence.

Blinkx Tossing MIVA Ads Into Context

The company formerly known as FindWhat will deliver ads for Blinkx’s Smart Ads Platform.

Miva Settles Overture Case With Yahoo

The performance marketing network company will pay Yahoo, which holds Overture as a subsidiary, $8 million to settle a patent infringement suit.

Miva Consolidates Acquired Properties Under One Brand

When companies acquire properties, they usually either change the name to fit their brand, or they let the acquired properties operate under the original name. This allowed the acquired property to keep the name recognition that came it.

FindWhat Gets Pretty New Logo, Ticker Symbol

Findwhat, Espotting, and Comet Systems, disparate properties which have been brought together through acquisition, will now come together under the Miva brand, the e-commerce storefront company that had also been part of the group.