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MIT Brains Work On “Smart Sand” Robots MIT Brains Work On “Smart Sand” Robots

Researchers at MIT are working on a project that could bring sci-fi fantasies to reality. But, then again, when aren’t they? Nowadays, if you want something built, you take wood or other materials and build or cut it out of …

MIT Photon Camera Can See 3D Objects Around Corners MIT Photon Camera Can See 3D Objects Around Corners

Leave it to the MIT Media Lab to come up with crazy new stuff. Now they’ve made a camera that can see around corners. Well, kind of. It’s not gonna take a picture of you that your Mom would recognize, …

MIT Teaching Drones to Read Hand Gestures MIT Teaching Drones to Read Hand Gestures

Presently, the U.S. military is attempting to bring combat drones onto aircraft carriers. One of the major obstacles concerns how the unmanned fliers will interact with carrier personel on flight decks. Yale Song, a Ph.D. student from the Massachusetts Institute …

MIT’s Free Online Course Enrollment Begins Today MIT’s Free Online Course Enrollment Begins Today
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The power and knowledge that education brings to somebody is priceless. MIT is cutting the price for that priceless education down to its namesake – free. Bloomberg is reporting that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will begin offering a free …

Wireless Charging As You Drive For Electric Cars Wireless Charging As You Drive For Electric Cars

A Stanford University research team has designed a high-efficiency charging system that uses magnetic fields to wirelessly transmit large electric currents between metal coils placed several feet apart. The long-term goal of the research is to develop an all-electric highway …

Photonic Chips, Light To Replace Electricity In Our Microchips Photonic Chips, Light To Replace Electricity In Our Microchips
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Right now, as you’re reading this, all kinds of electronic processes are running in your computer to make sure the information you desire is showing up on your monitor. What you might not know is that electricity isn’t the most …

Flying Planes With An iPhone Flying Planes With An iPhone

I guess all that time spent playing Cube Runner could prove useful after all. An associate professor of aeronautics and her students at MIT have developed a system for controlling small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with your basic iPhone. Professor …

IBM, MIT Attach Dollar Signs To Online Connections

Two very reputable organizations – IBM Research and MIT’s Sloan School of Management – recently collaborated on a report that’s in part titled "Value of Social Network."  And managers and employees everywhere should know that, according to said organizations, social networks can be quite valuable indeed.

YouTomb Tracks Videos Pulled From YouTube
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YouTomb, a site focused on tracking all the videos that have been removed from YouTube for copyright violation, is a research project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The people who created the site are the MIT Free Culture student group. YouTomb says it,"Continually monitors the most popular videos on YouTube for copyright-related takedowns. Any information available in the metadata is retained, including who issued the complaint and how long the video was up before takedown."

YouTomb Picking Up YouTube’s Scraps

YouTomb is a research project by the MIT “that tracks videos taken down from [Google-owned] YouTube for alleged copyright violation,” as the site explains.



Student Entrepreneurs And StartUp Companies

I’m going to be giving the keynote presentation at an upcoming event organized by and focused on student entrepreneurs being held on the MIT campus this Saturday (May 3, 2008) from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m.. Student entrepreneurs from MIT, Harvard, Babson, Olin and Boston University and other Boston area academic institutions will gather to talk about startups. I could not hope for a better group to interact with.

MIT Students Power Supercomputer With Their Feet

You’ve likely heard about crank-powered laptops.  But pedal-powered supercomputers?  The SiCortex SC648 got some brief mentions a couple of months ago, and is back in the news today after MIT students used it to set a world record for human-powered computing.

Almost Half of Search Queries Are Repeats
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Forty percent of all search queries are repeat queries from users trying to find information they have found before, according to a new study. But if there has been a change in search result rankings since the last time the query was entered, it significantly hinders the searcher from re-finding the information they seek.

MIT Venture Capital Conference Videos

As I noted a couple of weeks ago, I was a panelist on one of the sessions in the 2006 MIT Venture Capital Conference in Cambridge, MA.

20 Second Life Tips for Marketers

Prokofy Neva of the Second Thoughts blog brings us 20 do’s and don’ts for big business entering Second Life.

MIT’s Speech Recognition Baby

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) may be on the verge of a revolutionary development in speech and video algorithmic technology. Their test subject: a 9 month-old baby boy, who is the center of a project called “The Human Speechome Project.”

Missing Children Gain Awareness on Flickr

Yeah, I’ve got Flickr on the brain, but this is an important post. MIT Advertising Lab points us to the best use of Flickr yet.

M.I.T. Charged With Battery

M.I.T. just announced a battery breakthrough. Successfully scaling down technology in development over the past 40 years, the crew at M.I.T has put together what they call “the first technologically significant and economically viable alternative to conventional batteries in more than 200 years.”

Gates’ MIT Alternative A Diversion?

Microsoft has done an about face with its support of MIT Media Laboratory’s ambitious “One Laptop Per Child” program, recently stating that cell phone accessories would provide a cheaper alternative, according to the New York Times. Critics say the suggestion is convenient in light of the fact that the Windows CE operating system was rejected by project founder Nicholas Negroponte in favor of open source Linux.

MIT Sponsoring Search Panel In NYC

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will sponsor a search engine event in New York City, focusing on changes in search technology and includes a panel consisting some major players in the industry.

MIT Following AMDs Lead

AMD CEO Hector Ruiz envisioned $100 laptops in the future. MIT hopes to make this future happen sooner.