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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: The Search For Satellite Debris

The mystery of what happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 370 remains unsolved, and it is now day 13. Today, the only glimpse of a possible answer to this unending puzzle is two pieces of debris in the Indian Ocean, approximately 1500 miles southwest of Australia. A massive international search has been underway for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370, shortly after …

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Courtney Love Thinks She May Have Clues To Missing Malaysia Flight

Courtney Love says she’s found a suspicious-looking area of water that may have an oil slick floating on top which could be from missing Malaysian Air Flight 370. The rock star posted a photo on her Facebook page this week with the areas circled in red, saying, “I’m no expert but up close this does look like a plane and …

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Missing Flight 370: Oil Rig Worker Says He Saw It Go Down

A man working on an oil rig off the coast of Vietnam says he witnessed the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 burst into flames before falling into the ocean. Mike McKay described the tragedy in an email to his supervisors and said he tried to contact authorities after it happened but no one ever responded. “From when I first saw …

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