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Craigslist Killer May Have Exaggerated About Murders

The “Craigslist Killer”, 19-year old Miranda Barbour, may have confessed to nearly a hundred murders, but officials in at least one state say they can’t link her to any killings there, leading police to believe she may not be telling the truth. Barbour confessed to dozens of murders last week to Pennsylvania police, saying she had conducted many of them …

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Missing Person Group: Craigslist Killer May Be Lying

Craigslist Killer Miranda Barbour may not be entirely truthful in her shocking recent confession to local police, says Seeking Alaska’s Missing, a local missing persons organization. Barbour’s claims that she belongs to a satanic cult and has killed so many people from Alaska to Texas that she “stopped counting at 22” just don’t match with the numbers, says the organization. …

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Craigslist Killer Admits To More Murders

Miranda Barbour was arrested last week for helping her husband kill a man the couple had met on Craigslist. Barbour didn’t look the part of a killer and her arrest shocked those who knew her. Even more shocking was her admission that she had not only killed one person, but 21 others as well. Barbour said that she had joined …

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