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Minority Report-Style Touch Display App Goes On Sale For $150

Minority Report had a lot of cool ideas, but one of the most intriguing was a holographic touch panel. Researchers are slowly working on getting holograms right, but we can now interact with floating touch panels using only a Kinect, a projector and an $150 app. Ubi Interactive announced the launch of its new app that turns any surface into …

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Microsoft’s Vision for Future Computer Use

As Microsoft prepares for the upcoming Windows 8 launch, they are also provided us a glimpse of what the future of computer use — this includes software and hardware — with a nifty video that not only gives us a forward thinking look at what lies ahead in the world of computer use, it also gives you an idea concerning …

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Geotracking Techniques Getting Closer and Closer

The idea behind anonymity in regards to the Internet is contentious at best — are you truly anonymous if online activities can be tracked to IP addresses — it might just be a thing of the past completely. More and more, there are legitimate concerns over what happens to all the geolocation data we produce. Who uses it, how long …

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