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Facebook Is Requiring Minorities Be Considered for All Open Positions

Facebook has a diversity problem. Facebook is far from the only company in the Valley with a diversity problem, but it exists nonetheless. When it comes to the company’s over 10,000 employees, the landscape is very white and very male. So, what’s Facebook doing about this? It’s in the process of instituting its own “Rooney Rule”. Established in 2003, the …

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Are Los Angeles Police Dogs Racist?

Perhaps it’s not as critical as the Rampart controversy in the late 90’s, where a flock of rogue cops, who were associated with gangs, robbed a bank, engaged in a fatal road rage incident, and were accused of killing rapper Biggie Smalls. It’s (debatably) not as reckless as that early morning on February 7th of this year, when a pickup …

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Obama Gay Marriage Support Sees Urban Backlash

The Presidential election season is upon us and things are going to start to get nasty. Now that we know, for sure, who the two candidates are going to be, they will start to solidify their beliefs and try to demonize the other guy. Last week, President Barack Obama came out in support of gay marriage. While this was a …

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