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MySpace, Sony BMG (Finally) Make Deal

Thanks to a new deal between MySpace and Sony BMG, users of the social network should gain special access to streaming music videos, and other odds and ends, including limited audio content, may also become available.

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MySpace TV Set To Launch

When you think of video-sharing sites, you think of YouTube, DailyMotion, Blinkx . . . the list goes on.  But MySpace probably isn’t on the list, and News Corp wants to change this fact; hence, the introduction of MySpace TV.

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MySpace, Sony, Honda Create Classic “Minisodes”

Some people think our attention spans are getting shorter, while others argue that we’re simply getting better at multitasking.  Well, you can decide for yourself, but MySpace, Sony, and Honda are preparing to air edited four-to-six minute versions of thirty-to-sixty minute television shows.

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