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Hayao Miyazaki’s Children’s Books

Not too long ago we featured some of the work of etsy’s 84/5 Studio. Specifically, Minimalist Posters of Cult Classics. Now they have released this set of postcards that features minimalist art for each of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s most popular films. Like most of 8/45 Studio’s stuff, they are experiencing high demand for this set of artistic prints. …

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Minimalist Movie Posters Make You Think About Life

Sometimes things in life like movies really have the possibility to make you think about things in a new light. Saving Private Ryan did that for me, even though I was in the Air Force, it made me realize the reality of fighting a war against an experienced army. The minimalist approach has the ability to make even the smallest …

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Awesome Minimalist Book Covers FTW

If you liked Awesome Minimalist Disney Posters FTW, you will love these book covers by the same artist: Rowan Stocks-Moore. This guy is a genius. You should take the time to view more of his work. Or stop by his Etsy shop to buy a print and support what he does. Also, be sure to check out: Minimalist Posters of …

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Minimalist Posters of Cult Classics

Yesterday we brought you Minimalist Disney Posters for the post-modern household. Seriously, check them out. They will blow you away. Today we bring you a more adult oriented re-imagining of famous movie posters. These posters are from 84/5 Studios and like before, are available for purchase on Etsy. Though some of these movies are rate PG or PG-13, for the …

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Awesome Minimalist Disney Posters FTW

Something about minimalist art just looks great on movie posters. Combine that with Disney movies and you get a whole new edge. You might think most of these posters are for some dark, avant-garde indie film, not a cute animated kid’s flick. Also, be sure to check out: Minimalist Posters of Cult Classics and Awesome Minimalist Book Covers FTW (image) …

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