MINI Articles

Mac Mini Offer Takes Less Than 12 Hours to Expire

Apple posted an offer on its website for customers to try its Mac Mini for a free thirty-day trial period, but in less than 12 hours discontinued the offer.

Apple Opens Trenchcoat On iPod Mini

Apple’s pickin’ a lot of bushels for Samsung’s NAND Flash memory chips, buying 40% of Samsung’s output to put them in Apple’s newest iPod sapling, the iPod Mini. The tiny little chips will be seeded into the Mini fruit in time for the holiday season.

Apple Doubles Mini Memory, Speeds Up iBooks

Three models of the Mac mini will include 512 MB of memory, with the starting price remaining at $499.

AIM E-mail Worth A Million

AOL’s debut of free 2GB e-mail boxes for its AIM client users has grown to a million active accounts in five weeks.

Konfabulator 2 rocks

This says it all about the folks behind the latest version of Konfabulator, an application that lets you run a wide range of programs called widgets on your desktop.

HP Will Tattoo You With iPod Mini

A continuation of Apple’s agreement with HP allowing them to sell branded iPod music players brings the Mini to HP.

Intel Inside Mini Machine

Something old is new again, as Intel displays the small Pandora PC concept last seen in March.

Manage your iPod with Winamp

News earlier this week that the next version of iTunes will enable you to sync your podcasts directly with your iPod, without needing separate podcatching software, has been eclipsed by this news in Wired News about Winamp…

Backpack From 37 Signals

37 Signals is launching their latest project – Backpack – on Tuesday. Whilst the main site doesn’t seem to have gone live yet a number of previews of this new program have been written which you should check out.

Nokia Ships Hot Clancy Game For N-Gage

Nokia has started shipping one of its most anticipated N-Gage games, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

Apple Faces Lawsuits Aplenty

The legal teams representing Apple certainly have their plates full at this time. Apple is facing a number of legal matters concerning leaks of privileged information, patent infringement, and those of an intellectual property manner.

Switching To a Mac Isn’t For Everyone

Ever think about dumping your Windows-based PC and buying a Mac … Perhaps one of those gorgeous-looking G4 PowerBooks …

The Genius of Apple Coolness

I had my first true iPod experience today. You know, the feeling of coolness as you’re out and about in public with those little white buds sticking in your ears with the white cables dangling down that disappear under your jacket.

What Are Gateway Technologies?

Gateway technologies entice curious onlookers who are afraid of the ramifications of using or purchasing new technology because of the possible side effects of doing so [just like gateway drugs].

Mac Mini Colo Rack

Ever dream about building a cluster of 5 mini-itx computers to run the world’s smallest search engine ,,, Well I have.

iPod Shuffle Doesnt Support On-Demand Playlist

2005 has been quite the busy year for Apple, and it’s only 26 days old. Already, Apple has introduced, to much fanfare, the Mac Mini and the iPod Shuffle.

Me Want Mac Mini

Mac Mini is such a cute name for a computer that it makes you wonder if this Mac is just a childs toy.

Target.com Offers Mac Mini

In what can be viewed as a response to customer demand, Apple has allowed Target.com to sale Mac Minis to their retail audience.

Complaints About Apple Prices In Europe Spur Petition

ZDNet UK reports today that an online petition has been set up to put pressure on Apple to bring European prices for the new Mac mini in line with their US equivalents.

Apple Mac’s Spotlight May Be Holy Grail of Desktop Search

I’ve been speaking to some journalists about desktop search and they all want to know what desktop search means for the search engines.

Apple Introduces Mac Mini, iPod Shuffle

Today at the MacWorld conference in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced new products for the Apple family that has left Mac supporters salivating.