Million Hoodie March Articles

Trayvon Martin’s Tweets Are Now Available
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Last month’s shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin has sparked a world of controversy in the public arena, especially over topics like racial profiling and “stand your ground” self-defense provisions. The case appears shrouded in mystery and confusion, with …

Al Sharpton To Speak At Trayvon Martin Rally After Resignation Of Police Chief

The Reverend Al Sharpton is set to attend a rally tonight for Trayvon Martin despite his mother’s sudden death this morning. Sharpton says she would have wanted him to support Martin’s family, who will also attend tonight at Fort Mellon …

Trayvon Martin March Supported by Former Michigan Governor
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Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm donned a hoodie yesterday to show her solidarity with the “Million Hoodie March” that took place in New York City. The march was in support of the family of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager who …