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Lady Gaga Talks About Recent Puke Peformance

By now you might of heard that Lady Gaga likes to be vomited on, as throw-up specialist Millie Brown tossed her cookies all over the pop singer at this year’s South by Southwest Music Festival. For one, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a throw-up specialist or a vomit artist, nor did I know that vomit and …

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Millie Brown Has More Art In Her Vomit Than Us

Who is Millie Brown? Millie Brown puts every person claiming to have a sensitive stomach to pure, colorful shame– she might rival the guy from Man vs. Food for being the spokesperson for Stomach Problems. She was first seen vomiting colored milk in a Lady Gaga video, and you’ll probably see her barfing or with stuff dripping out of her …

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