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Is Miley Cyrus Dead? Just Another Death Hoax

Is Miley Cyrus dead? No. The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer is just fine. She was, however, the victim of a death hoax that spread like wild fire over the internet. Hollywood Life reports that the rumor started on Facebook. It announced that Miley Cyrus was found dead from an alleged drug overdose. The death hoax is the same scam that has …

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Is Miley Cyrus Dead? Nope Just A Hoax

Miley Cyrus fans were shocked to hear that their favorite performer was rumored to be dead. According to Softpedia, a Facebook post showed a video of Miley allegedly dead on a bed, surrounded by pills and a pill bottle. It implied that Miley had died from a drug overdose. While the post may have looked legit, it was just a …

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Is Miley Cyrus Dead? No, But Death Hoax May Lead Viewers to Malicious Fake Facebook Message

Miley Cyrus is allegedly dead. That is, a fake Facebook message makes one think the pop star died “some 48 minutes ago.” Softpedia reports that earlier this week, a Facebook message was making its rounds on the internet with a link to a video that provided details of Cyrus’ supposed death from an overdose.. The thumbnail apparently looks real enough, …

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Miley Cyrus Isn’t Dead, Shares Topless Pic To Prove It

Miley Cyrus was the victim of yet another of those famous death hoaxes this weekend after a link was spread around Facebook claiming she had overdosed at her home. She’s alive and well, and to prove it she got topless in the desert for Instagram. The link included a photo of the singer surrounded by pills, which was actually a …

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