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Gustnado: What is It? Should You Be Worried?

“Gustnado”, or “gust-front tornado,” is a low-level rotating cloud that is short-lived. It can sometimes form within a severe thunderstorm. Reports say that the average gustnado lasts just seconds to a few minutes. According to the National Weather Service, gustnadoes are wispy, and their wind speeds could reach up to 80 mph. Gustnadoes have less in common with tornadoes, and …

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Derecho Threat: Severe Storm Pummels Midwest

A derecho is often classified as a type of extreme weather phenomenon, which refers to an inland-type of hurricane accompanied by heavy thunderstorms. Derechos are capable of inflicting extensive damage to wide areas. According to the Storm Prediction Center, derechos are at least 240 miles wide and produce long-lived straight-line wind damage. On Tuesday, extreme weather, heavy flooding and severe …

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Winter Storm Hercules Heads to the Northeast

Before Winter Storm Hercules is finished with the US, roughly 1 in 3 Americans will have seen snow in the early days of 2014. The massive storm dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of the Midwest on New Years Day, and is now slamming the Northeast. According to meteorologist Chris Dolce, Hercules could reach blizzard proportions in …

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Soldier Field Evacuated: Bears And Ravens Game Gets Delayed Due To Weather

In an act of nature, another professional football game has been delayed due to the severe weather conditions, with Solider Field being evacuated during the game that was played on Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. in Chicago. The weather has been having an effect on games more than in previous years, and this is the second time that it has …

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