Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Articles

Hitwise Finds Bing, Yahoo To Be A Good Match
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If the latest reports and rumors are true, Microsoft and Yahoo are (once again) about to enter a partnership.  So this afternoon, Hitwise’s Bill Tancer looked at whether they’ll make more of a natural fit or an odd couple.

Ballmer Mentions Yahoo Partnership For Umpteenth Time

First off: yes, at this point, we’re all ready to slap Steve Ballmer and Carol Bartz with a fish every time they talk about a partnership or acquisition.  Just the same, millions of dollars are at stake, so it seems important to acknowledge that Ballmer’s once again said he’s open to a deal. 

Report: Ballmer, Bartz Talking Partnerships
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Everyone – and we know there must be a lot of you – who would rather not hear more about potential Microsoft-Yahoo deals should get ready to abandon the Internet for a little while.  It looks like a fresh round of rumors is on the way, led by a report that the two companies are discussing partnerships. 

Steve Ballmer

Interestingly, Steve Ballmer and Carol Bartz are supposed to be personally involved, which implies that some rather high-powered negotiations are taking place.  But it’s been said that a flat-out acquisition isn’t on the table this time.

New Severance Plan Clears Way For Yahoo Acquisition
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Delaware Chancery Court Judge William B. Chandler III apparently doesn’t love the idea of poison pills.  A settlement he approved would make it much less expensive – and therefore much more appealing – for a company to acquire Yahoo. 

Yahoo Q4 2008 Financial Results Turn Out All Right
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Does Carol Bartz have the magic touch?  It’s either that or she inherited something less than a complete mess from Jerry Yang, anyway, because as Yahoo’s new CEO presided over her first earnings report, many of the numbers weren’t at all bad. 

Yahoo Spits Out Poison Pill
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As part of its plan to make an acquisition extremely unpalatable to Microsoft, Yahoo adopted a poison pill severance plan six months ago.  Now, for the sake of satisfying some shareholders who sued it, Yahoo has made it slightly easier for a new owner to fire employees.

Yahoo Investor Wants Search Business Sold To Microsoft

Ivory Investment Management can’t order anyone to do anything.  Since it’s only in control of 1.5 percent of Yahoo’s stock, Ivory may not even be able to make suggestions using a loud voice.  Still, the investment firm is adding to all the previous Yahoo-Microsoft mess by recommending a sale of Yahoo’s search business.

More Microsoft Yahoo Gossip
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It seems that people really want Yahoo and Microsoft to get a deal done. Almost every other day it seems, rumors surface and are just as quickly shot down regarding the two companies and a possible transaction that could put a thorn in Google’s side.

Ballmer Ignores Yang, Rules Out Yahoo Acquisition
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Even the harshest critics of Steve Ballmer will have to admit one thing: in regards to not buying Yahoo, he’s been consistent for a long time now.  At a shareholder meeting today, Ballmer said that he still has no interest in a total acquisition, and Yahoo’s stock has taken a nosedive of around 20.9 percent as a result.

Ballmer (Yet Again) Rejects Idea Of Yahoo Acquisition

Earlier this week, Jerry Yang insisted that it’s in Microsoft’s best interest to buy Yahoo, and that he doesn’t regret any of what’s transpired.  We compared him to Monty Python’s Black Knight character.  Now, Steve Ballmer seems to have pulled a King Arthur and walked away from the whole mess.

Yang Revives Talk Of Microsoft Acquisition
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Jerry Yang seems to have learned how to bluff at the (unattached) feet of Monty Python’s Black Knight.  Yahoo’s CEO claimed at a conference last night, "To this day the best thing for Microsoft to do is buy Yahoo."

Yahoo, Icahn Reach An Agreement
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Christmas – or at least August 1st – has come early.  It seems the Yahoo-Icahn proxy mess is resolving itself, with both parties agreeing to a compromise that’ll put Icahn and two of his supporters on Yahoo’s board of directors.

Yang Acknowledged Google Deal Is Anticompetitive?
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Jerry Yang’s facing all sorts of problems, and his own words may be digging him a little deeper.  According to what Microsoft’s general counsel told a Senate antitrust panel, Yang recently admitted that Yahoo’s deal with Google will more or less create a search monopoly.

Microsoft, Icahn Reply To Yahoo’s Rejection

Microsoft and Yahoo both employ intelligent, well-educated men and women.  Carl Icahn’s pretty sharp, too.  Recent acquisition dealings seem to have turned a great many people into finger-pointing fifth graders, though, and there’s been another salvo of letters and statements to support this argument.

Yahoo to Microsoft: No Thanks!
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Yahoo formally rejected a proposal from Microsoft and Carl Icahn in a statement issued on Saturday.

They had been given 24 hours to reach a decision by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Friday night. They reached a decision, but probably not the one that Ballmer and Icahn were looking for.

Yahoo says that its advertising deal with Google offers "superior financial value, reports Kyung Bok Cho at Bloomberg. 

Schmidt Wants Yahoo To Stay Independent

August 1st is getting quite close, and by all accounts, that date may well be Yahoo’s doomsday.  Only here’s an interesting point: there are more signs that Google is siding with those who would oppose Microsoft.

Yahoo Responds To Latest Icahn Letter

A certain tradition involving Charlie Brown, Lucy, and a football began over 50 years ago.  Now, as Yahoo has once again claimed it’s open to the idea of an acquisition, it’s beginning to look like Steve Ballmer and Jerry Yang might set some record of their own.

Microsoft Willing To Deal With Icahn-Controlled Yahoo

As things stand, Microsoft claims to be done negotiating with Yahoo.  But Redmond’s best-known corporation has announced that it is willing to reenter acquisition talks if Carl Icahn wins his proxy fight.

Hitwise Proves The Value Of Yahoo’s Non-Search Parts

Suppose that Steve Ballmer and Jerry Yang miraculously agreed on something: the sale of Yahoo’s search department.  A new Hitwise report sorts through the pile of properties that would remain, and as it turns out, the leftovers look pretty tasty.

Yahoo’s Shareholder Meeting Scheduled For August

It’s a good news/try not to choke Jerry Yang situation for anyone eager to see the Microsoft-Yahoo mess resolved; a firm-looking date has been set for Yahoo’s shareholder meeting, yet it’s on the slightly faraway day of August 1st.

More Of Yahoo’s Stubbornness Comes To Light

Thoughtful, objective people tend not to shout "no" before others can even pose a question.  Jerry Yang’s looking less than neutral, then, as newly released documents show that he prepared to reject an acquisition bid long before the latest one was presented.