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Google Drive Plays Nicer With Microsoft Word And Excel

Google announced that it has released some updates for import/export for Microsoft Word and Excel files to and from Google Drive. “Now, when converting a Microsoft Excel file to a Google spreadsheet, you’ll be able to import embedded pictures – plus radar and stock charts,” Google explains in a Google+ update. “When you’re exporting to XLSX, charts will be exported …

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Outlook 2010 Is Broken… Twitterers Try To Fix It

Even though Microsoft’s Outlook is viewed as the standard email client, it has some problems. Specifically, Outlook doesn’t render HTML correctly, which drives designers insane.

So what is Microsoft doing about the problem for the upcoming release of Outlook 2010? One word, nothing. Sigh, you’re killing us Bill.

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Writers May Have Some Trouble with New Word

Have you had trouble opening Word files lately?

If you’re like me, you get these Word docs that end with .docx and can do nothing with the file.

This makes it real hard to operate as a writer or editor of white papers.

For the first time in many years, it seems that Microsoft if forcing those of us with older versions of Word to upgrade.

What gives Bill?

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Generate Date-Time for Podcast, Vodcast, or RSS Feed from MSOffice

The RSS date/time format is a pain to create if you are building the XML for your RSS feed in a text editor.

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Microsoft Word Generates Clean HTML for Blogs?

Awesome. One Microsoft team heard my pleas for clean XHTML. By the way, the new Word 2007 has the ability to post to blogs built in. Joe Friend has been writing about it.

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