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The Next Xbox May Finally Ditch Microsoft Points

I think we can all agree that virtual currency is the worst part of any digital marketplace. Often times, you’re forced to buy more points than what’s needed for the product in question, and then you’re stuck with 20 points that can’t be used for anything. One of the worst offenders is the Microsoft Points system, but it may finally …

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Microsoft is Paying MS Points For Playing Halo 4

Competing with the Call of Duty franchise when it comes to player loyalty is hard. Microsoft’s strategy? Pay people to play Halo 4. Microsoft has unveiled its “Halo 4 Combat Tour Offer,” which pays gamers in Microsoft Points for playing multiplayer Halo 4. Players can start earning points once they once they hit 35 hours of multiplayer action. For that …

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Microsoft Points May Be No More

Do you hate Microsoft Points? … That’s what I thought. It’s a good thing then that they may soon be out. Inside Mobile Apps is reporting that a source close to Microsoft told them that the company may soon be phasing out it’s much maligned Microsoft Points system. The move would go into effect sometime this year and affect all …

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