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Windows 8 Gets A Hulu Plus App At Launch Windows 8 Gets A Hulu Plus App At Launch

The Windows 8 announcements are starting to slowly trickle out as we approach the official launch of the operating system on Friday. Earlier this afternoon, Skype gave us an inside look at what the service will look like on Windows …

My First Ever Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Event!

Hey everyone, as you know or may not know I’m now a UK Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) 2006/2007 and well I’ve just arrived home from Reading (UK) after spending the past two days there for my first ever Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Events.

Micosoft Fires Back At Google R&D Hiring

“If you join em, we’ll sue em” seems to be the attitude Microsoft is adopting towards chief rival Google (sorry Mac users) at least when they are dealing with MS employees jumping ship to join the Google family.

Micosoft Introduces MSN Toolbar Suite Beta

Microsoft introduced a beta version of its new MSN Toolbar Suite, with desktop search functionality.