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Mickey Rourke’s Sister Is Asking For Help

According to a police report out of Miami Beach, Florida, a man broke into the house of Mickey Rourke’s sister on Saturday. Patti Rourke was reportedly asleep at the time of the break in when she heard her house alarm go off. Rourke told officers at the scene that she saw a man walk out of her kitchen. The burglar …

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Mickey Rourke Loves His Vladimir Putin T-Shirt, But Hates Politics

Mickey Rourke is a fan of Vladimir Putin. In fact, on Monday, the actor was so much a fan that he decided to buy a t-shirt depicting Russian President. The scene took place right in Moscow’s Red Square, according to The Independent, right at the launch of the t-shirt brand. “If I didn’t like him, I wouldn’t buy the T-shirt …

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