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Michelle Shocked Shills a Short, Sharp Shush

Singer Michelle Shocked used to be something. In one way, that sounds incredibly unfair to say. The woman can still sing. She still performs fearlessly and passionately. But Michelle Shocked has become her own worst enemy, raging a against a machine that just ignores her most of the time, until she says something crazy enough to sell some papers or …

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Michelle Shocked Puts Out New Dog Album

Michelle Shocked has released a new album and it is now available for purchase on! You should know before you go that the album is composed entirely of nothing. The 11-track Michelle Shocked album is composed of songs that are supposedly pitched too high for human ears. They are for dogs to listen to, not you. Michelle Shocked named …

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Michelle Shocked: Slurs Used in On-Stage Homophobic Rant

Singer Michelle Shocked cleared the house on Sunday after going on an on-stage rant against homosexuality in a San Francisco nightclub. According to a report in the The Bay Area Reporter, Shocked played two sets at Yoshi’s nightclub in the Fillmore section of San Francisco on March 17. Though the first set went fine, after which she tweeted the following: …

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