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Michael Crook Trolls The Internet With Support SOPA Site Michael Crook Trolls The Internet With Support SOPA Site
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This just in: If you don’t support SOPA, you are thief!!! So says the wisdom of one Michael Crook, who seems to be on a mission to troll everyone he comes into contact with. You may have first heard of …

Crook’s Apology to the Internet

In a sweeping court enforced statement to the internet Michael Crook apologies to the internet for abusing the DMCA.

While this probably would not have been done to a major corporation, the issues with copyright continue on unabated, the EFF and 10ZenMonkies have gotten an admission from one of the internet’s more notorious personalities. The reputation that Mike has on the internet (for those that follow the darker seamier sides of the internet) is not a positive one, and is generally held in disregard.

An Internet Crook Is ‘Sorry’

Michael Crook, along with the rest of us, learned some valuable lessons. The biggest lesson we all learned (Crook much, much more acutely), is that you don’t screw with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The EFF eff’d him up good.

EFF Fighting Crook Over DMCA
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The potential for misuse of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act reared its head again as a controversial figure has used it to force the takedown of a Fox News screen capture of his image from a pair of websites.