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Michael Clarke Duncan’s Grave Defaced, Artist Claims No Racism Intended

In July 2012, actor Michael Clarke Duncan was taken to a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a heart attack. Duncan was placed in intensive care for weeks before passing away on September 3, 2012 at the age of just 54. His girlfriend at the time of his death, reality TV star Omarosa Manigault, called Duncan the love of her life. …

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Watch Tom Hanks’ Awesome Michael Clarke Duncan Eulogy

Earlier this month, bigger-than-life actor Michael Clarke Duncan died from respiratory failure, following a cardiac arrest episode on July 13th. The 54-year-old star will be remembered for his commanding presence in many films, most notably The Green Mile, Armageddon, and Sin City. His recent memorial service included many Hollywood stars, including Jay Leno and Tom Hanks, his co-star in the …

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Omarosa Lost Love Of Her Life In Michael Clarke Duncan

Omarosa Stallworth, who is perhaps best known for her foray into reality television–most notably “The Apprentice”–became known for something else in July of this year: a life-saver. Omarosa performed CPR on her boyfriend, Michael Clarke Duncan, when he went into cardiac arrest two months ago. She was able to revive him until paramedics arrived, but he has been in the …

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Michael Clarke Duncan Dies at 54, “Green Mile” Actor

If you have ever seen the epic movie “The Green Mile,” one of the break-out characters from that movie was John Coffey, played by the talented actor of Michael Clarke Duncan, who unfortunately died on September 3rd, 2012, at the age of 54. Michael Clarke Duncan was an outstanding actor; however, life was not always that great for him. Duncan, …

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Michael Clarke Duncan Still on Respirator Following Heart Attack

Michael Clarke Duncan, the actor best known for his performances in “The Green Mile”, “Daredevil”, and “Sin City”, is still recovering from the heart attack he suffered last week, according to US Weekly. The actor, 54, has been on a respirator since last Friday, though doctors are now stating he is able to breathe “above” the device, which, apparently, is …

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Michael Clarke Duncan’s Girlfriend Saves His Life

Michael Clarke Duncan is a rather large man, as is evidenced in the role that most people remember him by; John Coffey in “The Green Mile”. Because of his stature–around 6’5″–his heart will always be at risk in proportion to his weight. Officials aren’t sure what caused the incident that almost killed him early this morning, but that could be …

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