Metrics Articles

B2B: Know Your Roles

When providing services such as Search Marketing strategies to large B2B tech firms you will find that there are several levels of management to please (this is the case for many large corporations).

Ajax Endangers Pageviews As A Metric

Hits eventually yielded to pageviews when it came to counting web traffic, but the growing usage of Ajax technologies that refresh content without triggering a new pageview could bury that metric.

Measuring Visitor Engagement and Behavior

Are you Measuring Visitor Engagement and Behavior?

Conversion Optimization: Picking Up Where SEO Leaves Off

Search engine optimization (SEO) gets them to the site. What they do (or don’t do) once SEO has done its job is up to the site owner or designer.

Are You Using the Wrong Web Metrics?

Do you base success on measuring the volume of visitors and page impressions? Such measures may in fact reflect the failure-rather than the success-of your website.

Performancing Launches Metrics Service

Nick Wilson announced the debut in public beta of the Performancing Metrics service aimed at professional bloggers and their blogs.

Performancing Blog Metrics Launches

Nick has just announced the availability of Performancing Mertrics, which he describes as “a professional grade blog statistics service aimed at professional bloggers.”

Lowdown on Performancing Metrics

Last week, Nick Wilson of Performancing mentioned their new blog metrics service has been in Alpha testing and will be released to public beta soon, as in tomorrow possibly.

Web Marketing Metrics

Measuring success of your online marketing efforts is a critical, but often underutilized in many web marketing initiatives.

Yahoo Contributes Data To Ad-Market Metrics

Yahoo! and Marketing Management Analytics, Inc. launched a new service aimed at helping marketers improve their return on overall marketing investments by evaluating the offline sales impact of their online marketing programs. That’s press release speak for knowing if your eggs are in the right basket.

Google Ramps Up Chicago Hiring

The search engine company has been rumored to be prepping a foray into advertising in a Chicago newspaper, and some job openings in Chicago could indicate Google’s focus there.

AdWords Offers Metrics For Google Ads

A note at the SEW blog pointed out this little gem on Google’s web site, where users can view search metrics by industry as they plan their paid search campaigns.

Metrics That Make the Case for Quality Content

The essential business case of a website is self-service. To maximize value from self-service, you want a limited menu, a fast transaction and a significant volume of people.

MarketingSherpa’s IT Marketing Metrics Survey

MarketingSherpa just launched their 2nd Annual IT Marketing Metrics Survey. This Survey is focused exclusively on IT Marketers.

RSS Works: Hard Metrics to Prove It

Marketers are constantly asking if RSS marketing works and if this can be proved.

Search Engine Metrics… Organic Search vs. Paid Placement

Let me preface this report by citing advertisers in 2004 have spent 4 Billion dollars on search engine marketing according to the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO).

Make More Money with Marketing Metrics

Do you know how effective each of your individual marketing tactics is? Many small business owners market in a vacuum. They spend money on brochures, advertisements and web sites with no real way to tie specific results to specific endeavors.

Podcasting Continues to Gather Momentum

FeedBurner today manages 1,750 podcasts via SmartCast. That is a significant increase from 750 at the end of 2004.

WebTrends Discusses MPM

WebTrends Participates in Marketing Performance Measurement Initiative With Other Technology Innovators and Top Marketers.

Flying Blind? Search Marketing Metrics

At the beginning of the Balanced Scorecard, a book on the new generation of performance metrics, authors Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton present an analogy to drive home their case. They ask you to imagine entering an airline jet cockpit, and in front of the pilot, you see just one gauge.

Online Advertising Effectiveness? Tell Me About It! Part 2

Well, we’re getting there. We’ve previously proved visitors clicking on a paid listing are of higher quality than “free search” visitors for the same search term, and now we see there is also significant variability in quality of visitor by the term itself, according to the last chart. Look at Customer Loyalty (CL). Much shorter visits, and lower download and newsletter subscribe percentages, but much higher bookmarking percentages. What could this mean, why the difference?