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Performancing Metrics Rises From Dead

I’m constantly looking for a nice, quick and easy blog stats. Google Analytics is a great program, but it’s a bit complex for my daily checks. I’ve tried quite a few and recently Performancing Metrics came back online. It’s not really a new service, but it is a great step forward.

Performancing Metrics Back

A rising star in the blog web analytics space over the last year or so was Performancing Metrics. Performancing ended up having some problems and ended up selling off the metrics and community aspect of their business to SplashPressMedia.

Tracking Campaign Metrics with Excel
Analytics programs are great, but they can quickly have you drowning in a sea of numbers.  Generating lots of data isn’t very helpful if that data isn’t actionable.  You need information that gives insights that you can feed back into your campaign.  One way to tame your data is to massage it into a spreadsheet.

Marketing: Perfection is Dead

I’ve spoken ad nauseum about how we have to stop obsessing about carefully, slowly, deciding the exact right way to do our marketing. It’s comforting to believe that you have it right, but it’s an unattainable dream—you never have it right.

Measuring Time Spent

Andy Beal and Bryan Eisenberg are both asking good questions about the new "time spent" metrics that Neilsen/Netratings is introducing. Andy wants to know how time spent is calculated (good question) while Bryan assumes that it is time spent in the browser and asks more good questions. Are we missing the boat on metrics here?

Survey: Search Marketers Happy With ROI

According to a study conducted by Jupiter Research, sixty five percent of advertisers will increase their spending in search marketing in the coming year. Overall, advertisers are pleased with the return on investment (ROI) that they are seeing from the dollars that have been spent thus far in search.

Nielsen Unveils Rich Media Service Metrics

Nielsen//NetRatings has launched a measurement service for digital audio video content. SiteCensus Streaming aims to capture accurate data of online audio and video.

Compete Pays Attention To Metrics

Another enhancement to online website metrics from Compete presents an Attention Rank, rating the consumer attention paid to a given domain.

Clicky vs Performancing Metrics vs MyBlogLog

Having previously discussed Performancing Metrics as being a little bit of a "Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing", I decided to sign up directly with Clicky. I also removed any Performancing affiliate links from the article.

Yahoo Approves Of Visits As Metric

Measuring page views doesn’t feed the bulldog these days, thanks to dynamic technologies that update web pages without forcing a full page reload.

Email Metrics Standards Needed

The Email Experience Council has published a survey on the "State of Email Metrics & Bounce Management." The report found a lack of standards around industry metrics, bounce data, definitions and bounce management practices.

The council found that those issues make it difficult for senders to improve the marketing effectiveness of campaigns, manage their lists and maintain positive reputations as legitimate email senders.

Evaluating Ad Impression Metrics

Click fraud, along with other methods of generated false or inflating statistics concerning ad impressions, has been the subject of much debate throughout the industry. Some reports indicate that fraud is rampant throughout the online advertising realm, while other statistics suggest that click fraud and other shady practices aren’t as prevalent.

Search for Metrics to Compare Sites

Steve Rubel wrote:

"The page view is on life support. It fails to capture all of the myriad of ways consumers engage in online activities without ever leaving a web page. To get a feel for this, spend some time playing with Yourminis. So what will replace it and when will that happen? Let’s handicap the field." On his blog What Will Replace the Almighty Page View and he thinks it will be events or time spent.

Omniture Unveils New Analytic Software
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Omniture, Inc. has announced the launch of Discover 2.0, analytic software designed to give companies the ability to visually explore large amounts of online customer interaction data in real-time.

Discover is a component of the Omniture Online Business Optimization Platform, and is a solution that Omniture claims can accomodate all levels of business users by generating everything from simple reports to more complex methods of data aggregation and analysis.

MySQL IPO, Oracle Unbreakable Support for MySQL?
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Matt Aslett writes that Oracle may be considering Unbreakable Support for MySQL and that MySQL Co. is likely to IPO later this year.

The Evolution of Metrics & Analytics

In a report published today, comScore went into further detail into its earlier announcement that MySpace had passed Yahoo in terms of page views for the 2006 calendar year. In reviewing the numbers, the statistics firm admitted that due to the progressive nature of Web 2.0 technology, analytical methods for determining site traffic would need to be updated in 2007.

Session Metrics w/ Application.cfc

A few months ago I blogged (How ColdFusion can save your business) about how you can use the onSessionEnd feature of Application.cfc to track the success of your ecommerce site.

Yahoo, Page Views, And The Next Metric
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Ajax technology that refreshes content within a web page without reloading the entire page likely contributed to a drop in page views experienced at Yahoo; it also indicates the need for a new metric to replace page views as a measurement in ad performance.

Serious Problems with RSS

Like some of you, I’ve tried just about every RSS reader out there. I’m more or less using Google Reader and Rojo now, which leads to one of the first serious problems I see with RSS: getting accurate metrics.

External Metrics Data Lacks Accuracy

Rand Fishkin has put together a whole bunch of analytical data from some of the top search bloggers. He asked a couple dozen SEM bloggers to share their visitor data and then compared it with external services such as Alexa and Hitwise.

Hit Counter 2.0, Or “Web 2.0 Metrics”

Way back in the early days of the Web (you know, before AdSense, blog spam, web mail, and dynamic HTML) were these things called hit counters.

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