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Web Analytics – Abandonment

The classic web analytics funnel analysis is simple indeed.

The key metric is the percentage of times the process is abandoned on each step. The implicit assumption is that steps with the highest abandonment rates are the biggest problem.

Best Posts of the Year for Analytics

Dennis Mortensen, COO of Index Tools and author of the blog Visual Revenue, has summarized the 18 most popular web analytics posts of 2007.

His list includes posts from 6 different authorities in the Web Analytics industry including: Occam’s Razor, Web Analytics Demystified, Web Metrics Guru, Visual Revenue, Web Analytics World, and Luna Metrics.

The Consensus About the Future of Marketing

Is it just me, or is there now a consensus in the world of marketing about the future?

The Year’s Most Overused Metrics

We all know marketers love metrics.  Flashy award winning campaigns are great and celebrity spokespersons are always appealing, but most of the time we try to base judging the success of a campaign on hard and fast metrics.  The only problem is, many times the metrics that marketers use to gauge success are wrong, inaccurate, incomplete or just plain useless.  There are two main reasons this happens …

SES – Metrics Challenges & Measuring Success
Meet the Web Analytics Players: Vendors from major web analytics services each cover different metrics challenges plus answer questions about measuring success and their tools in general.

Moderator: Frank Watson, Head Search Marketing, FXCM

Speakers: Chris Knoch, Principal Consultant, Omniture, Inc, Thomas Grant, Director – Internet Marketing Solutions, Unica Corporation, Kristen Nomura, Sr. Account Manager, Google Analytics.

Black Friday Website Visitors Mostly Women

The droves of Black Friday shoppers are just warming up. Last week, traffic to websites specifically dedicated to America’s Other Holiday was up 145 percent, dominated by new visitors and young women.

Radiohead’s Download Experiment Faring Well
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Whether or not you think music should be given away, sold at reasonable per-download prices, or sold at whatever price the record labels want to put on them, Radiohead’s experiment in name-your-own-price marketing may be paying off.

Ultimate Consumer Engagement Resources

Consumer Engagement is not a metric that can be measured in the same manner by all businesses and therefore there is no such thing as an optimum engagement score.

Consumer Engagement is also not simply captured on your website, it’s calculated using all touch points in a consumer’s (website, search engine, blog, banner ad, offline media, etc…). Consumer engagement has to be defined by marketing teams and appropriate stake holders so that it can be correlated to repetitive interactions by the consumer.

SMS Ads Small In U.S., Big In Europe
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Close to three-quarters of Western European mobile subscribers received a short message service (SMS) advertisement in July 2007, according to M: Metrics.

Mobile Social Networking Still Has Bluepulse

Mobile social networking is practically nonexistent in day-to-day life.  This means (a) it’s a dead end or (b) there’s a lot of room for expansion.  As it gives Bluepulse $6 million in funding, VantagePoint Venture Partners appears to be betting on (b).

Virgin Mobile Bonds With Social Networking Sites

Social networking is hot – has been for years, really – and the mobile market isn’t exactly unpopular, either.  So Virgin Mobile is embracing both trends, and, as described by the company, “Virgin Mobile USA’s over 4.8 million customers can now access a variety of social networking opportunities including a group of niche-targeted mobile-optimized sites.”

Alexa Declares YouTube More Popular Than Google

Be careful when declaring one site the traffic champion over another if you’re basing your conclusion on Alexa data.

Search Marketing, Not Metrics

Most of you know that I do a lot of teaching and speaking on the subject of search marketing, and that my approach is not what people expect. Yes, I know all the dials to turn and levers to pull. I can talk about robots.txt and Max CPC and latent semantic indexing and blah blah blah. But, honestly, it’s not what most people need to know. The problem I sometimes find is that when you tell people what they need to know, they think it’s not what they need.

Engagement Leads To Record News Site Traffic

For news publishers, more is better, especially in an era of declining print. Lately, more users are reading more news, spending more time on news sites, and visiting more frequently.

Time To Unify Web Metrics?

There are lots of ways to measure the popularity of a social networking site. The general shift seems to be toward measuring engagement – how long users spend at a site and how often they show up. Even then, you’ll often see the same names pop up that you would have if page views and/or unique visitors were measured alone.

ComScore Ready To Weigh Its Metrics

By grouping Internet users into categories based on their amount of Web usage, comScore thinks it can help advertisers balance out their ad delivery.

Compete Lets You Play With Data

A lengthy list of 200 sites ranked by Compete’s Attention Share metric has a few insights, but it’s even more fun to sort that information yourself.

Google Releases “Share of Voice” Impression Metrics

Search engine giant Google has released another enhancement to its AdWords advertising platform which will allow advertisers to get a better understanding of their campaigns’ performance. The new impression metrics are akin to traditional advertising’s "Share of Voice" measurements.

Nielsen Saying No To Page View Metrics

Nielsen//NetRatings plans to bid adieu to page views, a long-time site metric that has been made obsolete by online video and Ajax page technology.

Quantcast Plays The Metrics Game
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The challenge of measuring the reach of a website for advertising purposes has become increasingly complicated, thanks to the myriad ways of distributing content.

Google Named Top Mobile Web Destination

When rankings are published, and Google is involved, the Mountain View-based company usually wins.  This time is no different, and M:Metrics has crowned Google the “top mobile web destination for smartphone users.”

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