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Company Loses Competitor Keywords In Metatags Dispute
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In a reversal of what is generally considered the real world and what is virtual, metatags suddenly matter in a court of law, even if they haven’t mattered online for some time now. For one defendant, they matter as much as just under a half-million dollars matters.

Dropping keywords into the metatags of a website is an old school SEO technique. And by old school I mean pre-googlistoric. Stuffing metatags in the age of Google, which ignores them, is about as useful as peacock feathers on an armadillo.

Bidding On Trademark Terms Okayed By Court
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Another court has decided use of trademarked terms in metatags and keyword advertising does not constitute trademark infringement, but the issue is far from settled and only gets more complicated as more courts hear arguments from both sides.

Court Says Keywords Not ‘Use In Commerce’

A fifth federal court has declared that keyword advertisements and use in website metatags are not considered "use in commerce," providing a bigger shield for those that would use competitor keywords in their campaign.

The Legal Liability of Keyword Metatags?

Nobody really debates too much about keyword metatags anymore. Google and MSN ignore them, Yahoo and Ask don’t, but go stuffing them or you risk search engine penalties. But rarely does anybody bring up the legal liabilities of what’s in your keyword tags.

Get Top Search Engine Ranking Using Keyword Strategies

Your prospects type in keywords into search engines to find your web site. Implementing simple keyword strategies can dramatically improve your search engine ranking and web traffic.

Analyze Your Competition For Higer SE Rankings
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Greetings from North East Scotland! I enjoy your emails very much as SEO is important to us. Would there be any chance of you reviewing our site from a SE rankings perspective? We have difficulties competing on terms against free translation providers (like Babelfish and freetranslation who have huge link pops) and would like help in overcoming this.

Crawford House Collectibles – Don’t Waste Your Descriptions On Metatags Alone!

This store has some cute items in it. I think it could do quite well, but agree that it does need a bit of tweaking and adjusting.